Vehicle Options Offered By Melbourne Chauffeur Services

Are you planning to hire a Melbourne Chauffeur for your next VIP function or business meeting? We are here for you then! OZE is a leading luxury passenger transport service, and our service range is broad, giving you peace of mind on choosing the most suitable package accordingly.

Luxury passenger transport services make use of standard vehicle fleets today. Depending on the country, those vehicle brands may vary. Still, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Ford, and so on are the well-known car brands that chauffeurs around the world prefer.

Melbourne Chauffeur

 Melbourne Chauffeur Luxury Cars: As mentioned, BMWs and Mercedes Benz cars are the most-used as chauffeur cars. However, this vehicle variations may vary depending on the service provider. For example, at OZE, we use the following in our car fleet:

1) Holden: A sedan that offers high comfort, luxury, safety, and classiness. In Australia, this car brand is a top choice of reputable chauffeurs. The fact that this car adapts to local conditions is a top feature to highlight here. Ideal for four passengers. The price of this car choice may be a bit lower than BMWs or Mercedes Benz. Still, it is a top choice when you search for Melbourne Chauffeur services.

2) Chrysler: An American-made car and its spacious feature is a top advance for passengers. Three passengers can comfortably fit in the car. The luggage capacity is a top feature of this car. The boot accommodates two large suitcases and two cabin bags. Thus, this car is ideal for airport transfers or business travels.

3) Mercedes S Class: Well, we make use of this so-called luxury chauffeur car with pleasure. It is a well-known and highly-practical car choice for all chauffeurs’ needs. VIPs and reputable business owners prefer this car for their unique travel needs. 2-3 passengers can fit in the car comfortably. And it comes with a generous baggage room, too. When considering the prices, this car is a bit pricey, but you can understand the precise reasons for it!

4) BMW 7 Series: Same like the Mercedez S Class, this BMW car is also a world-famous choice for chauffeurs. As soon as you hear “BMW 7 series,” what comes to your mind? Well, it is a sign of luxury, comfort, safety, and classiness. Ideal for VIPs and business owners. You can book it for weddings, VIP functions, business meetings, airport transfers, and any other unique travel need. The boot of the car is spacious enough to accommodate two large bags and two small cabin bags.

Melbourne Chauffeur

Chauffeur Melbourne Spacious Vehicle Options: When more than four passengers are there to travel, then comes the need for spacious vehicles. Well, chauffeurs know this requirement, and they offer you some of the following vehicle options.

1) Mercedez Viano: A luxury, but spacious van for passenger and cargo transport. We prefer to rate this the ideal vehicle option for airport transfers when over five passengers to travel. Up to six passengers and 4-6 luggage can accommodate comfortably in the vehicle.

2) KIA Carnival: An affordable, but luxury van for passenger numbers up to six. The sliding door is a unique feature of this van, and it provides easy access.

3) Mercedes Sprinter: Well, our top resource for transporting a large passenger group. Many Melbourne Chauffeur services make use of this vehicle for mass passenger transport. Eleven passengers can fit in the van comfortably.

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