Why Is 7 Seater Car Rental The Best Option For All?

According to the latest statistics, the majority of Australian citizens own vehicles now. On the other hand, even vehicle owners rely on public transport systems. The development of the country’s public transport sector is the reason behind this trend. 

Apart from those two options, a considerable percentage of Australian citizens rely on vehicle rentals. As our previous articles have explained, even vehicle owners hire cars and vans for unique travel needs, and when driving their own vehicles is not practical. 

What Is Car Hire?: We know that you have hired taxi services many times. If you are a business owner, then you would have hired chauffeur services. People hire vehicles when they can’t use their cars or vans for fulfilling day-to-day travel needs. 

We have to analyze trends here. Lion Car Rentals is a leader in this service. Every day, we deal with many clients and their requirements. Through such interactions, we have understood that the travel needs of clients vary according to many factors:

  1. Their status.
  2. How many family members?
  3. How often do they plan trips or tours?
  4. Clients’ driving skills. 

A considerable percentage of those clients prefer the 7 seater car rental package. 

For most family trips and road tours, a 7-seater is an ideal car choice. Even if only four members are there in your family, a general car may not sufficient for road trips. The fact that you stay comfortable and relaxed depends on how spacious the car is and its safety. 

Extra Space: One of the top features of 7-seater cars. General cars can only accommodate 3-4 passengers. However, the number “4” is the maximum. Therefore, only three passengers would fit comfortably in it. 

For a family that comprises four members, a general car isn’t the best choice. Extra space is a demanded feature for airport transfers. While a general car is compact, making luggage inclusion difficult, but a 7-seater’s extra space makes it possible. The seat arrangement of those large cars makes it more spacious.

7 Seater Car Rental Affordability: The number of available seats and the price are two advantages to highlight here. Relative to its price, this car hire option is affordable. The price difference between this car and the general ones is only a few dollars. 

However, the class of the car is a factor to consider. For example, at Lion Car Rentals, we offer general and luxury 7-seaters, according to clients’ requirements. A 4-seater car, on the other hand, is only a few dollars below the rate of this large car package. 

Car Hire VS Rent: You can book a car with a driver, or you can rent it and drive it yourself. Regular taxi and chauffeur services are examples of car hire packages. On some occasions, clients prefer driving the vehicle themselves. Therefore, we handover them our vehicles within set terms and conditions. 

Closing Thoughts: When considering all the benefits, we can rate the 7 seater car rental package as a sound choice for the majority of your travel needs. We are a leading vehicle renter in Melbourne, and we maintain many vehicle types and classes in our fleet. 

We are your all-in-one and one-stop vehicle hire/rental service in Melbourne. 

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