Old School Blanket Insulation Methods

When it comes to helping the climate around your home, you have a lot of options available to you. Not only can you try out some of the most popular methods for adding insulation to your home, but you also have the option of doing a little research and making some personal choices.

In the past, when we were learning about insulation, we could still learn by watching our parents, our grandparents, and of course our grandparents’ parents, all the way back to the Old School Blanket Insulation Methods. This was an age before many of us had the internet, so we often had to use the resources available to us to learn how to add insulation to our homes.

Today, however, you don’t have to take the time to go back that far to find the methods and materials that were commonly used for the insulating blanket during the Old School Blanket Insulation Methods. With the internet, this is no longer necessary, and with that, it gives you the opportunity to choose your own method, or you can make some personal decisions about what you want to do.

With the Old School Blanket Insulation methods, the blanket that was put around the walls and between the bricks of the home was placed on top of some cardboard and then covered with felt or polyester that was pressed into place. Since this was an older method, the blanket would dry much faster and keep it’s shaped much better.

Another benefit of using Old School Blanket Insulation was that the felt or polyester blanket would not change shape and allow it to be blown into places that you didn’t want it to. This method also was a lot less expensive than the other forms of insulation.

Some of the best ways to use Old School Blanket Insulation are with what is called Thermal Lining, where the sheets of polyester or felt are put over the existing insulation. The sheets of thermal lining will form a waterproof barrier that will help insulate and reduce the effects of heat in your home.

Blanket Insulation

Other forms of Old School Blanket Insulation would include the use of blanket coils, which would be formed by stretching a thin strip of cloth or felt in a number of places. These could be placed in windows, doors, and anywhere that you felt they might be needed.

Another method that has been used for Old School Blanket Insulation is the placement of wool or cotton wool balls in the attic. Once you know the position of the draft, then the wool or cotton wool can be placed in the draft.

In addition to Old School Blanket Insulation, there are a number of other methods available to you, but you need to remember that you are looking at the short term. As the weather outside warms up, you will have to move on to something a little more permanent, such as the use of the electric blanket or even the use of a heating system that can provide you with a constant source of heat in the winter.

Of course, you can always start with the Old School Blanket Insulation Methods and then eventually move onto more permanent methods. It really just depends on your budget and the type of insulation that you want in your home.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways you can learn about Old School Blanket Insulation Methods. With the internet, all you have to do is log on and look for information on what is available and how you can begin with this type of insulation.

Just remember that heat is not the only thing that needs to be protected in your home from cold drafts and moisture. With the right insulation, you can protect your walls and ceiling from damage and heat loss, while you continue to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home.

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