Using Windows Registry to Make Backups and Restores

Backups and Restores is a simple feature of Microsoft Windows installed in Windows Vista and introduced in subsequent versions allowing users to make backups and restores from previous backups. It is an upgrade of NTFSBackup, which has been present in previous Windows versions as a backup and restore the system.

NTFSBackup in Windows Vista can be found in System Configuration > Advanced System Settings > Disk Management > Partitioning tab. When you click on the Restore button to initiate a backup and restore operation, you can either select a specific partition or select all partitions that contain important data. Once the backup and restore operation is done, the user will have an option to either overwrite the selected partitions or revert backup and restore to their previous state.

It is very easy to Backups and Restores because system restore is always available in case of problems or unexpected events. If your computer runs Windows Vista but suddenly gets corrupted, it is not difficult for you to access system restore. However, this cannot be done if your computer runs Windows XP. In XP, Windows registry can get corrupt after certain programs and changes made to system settings.

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Backups and Restores

If you want to restore the registry to its previous state, you need to perform a registry scan, and then perform a full registry clean up. Doing these tasks will help you restore the registry to its original state.

You also need to back up and restore the system and Windows files before performing a regular scan of your registry and cleaning it up. You should also know how to make backups and restore them because doing so can save you from data loss and system crashes. To make a backup and restore, you need to right-click on a file and select “back up to the hard drive”. Next, you should select the location of your backup file. After that, you can select your current working folder where you want to store your backups and restores and then drag and drop the backup file to the folder.

Backups and Restores

If you are going to restore a Backups and Restores, you should always use Windows Explorer to do the job. This is because the Windows registry allows for a user to customize the navigation and sorting of folders and the program they are used to make backups. If you use Windows Explorer, the backing up and restoring can be easily done and you can be sure that you are not messing up anything.

Another thing that you need to know when you Backups and Restores is that you cannot simply restore an existing backup and restore an existing windows registry to the previous one. If you do this, the registry may become corrupted, and you may have to reformat the hard drive of your computer or reinstall the operating system to get back the files that you want to restore.

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