The Code Of Conduct Of Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

Any organization’s values, principles, and standards collectively make the code of conduct. Anyway, when it comes to lawyers of any category, they have to focus on another factor. Apart from their own values or standards, they have to obey the country’s law.

The immigration law in Australia is a complete one. Therefore, lawyers have to work according to many rules, regulations, and standards. All these norms are there to create a safer country. For example, what if the country’s immigration law has holes? As a result, anybody, including terrorist, can invade the country today? 

Australian Migration Agents: We are a top example of these agents. The code of conduct of these agents covers many elements. First of all, we have to adhere to the country’s laws and standards. What are the restrictions set by the government on legal services? For example, immigration services provided by agents shouldn’t give access to illegal immigrants. 

  • Anyway, you may have heard of such bogus Immigration Lawyer Melbourne services. A top example of this is bogus marriage. A sham marriage is a tactic used by so-called fake lawyers who disobey the country’s law and make arrangements to get partner visas to their clients. However, it is not a valid marriage. 
  • If the law firm does such bogus activities to make their clients happy, but disobey the code of conduct, what can we call it? 
  • Even though the Australian government is pretty strict about the immigration issue, still, many legal visa options are there for visa applicants. It is all about opening doors to individuals who won’t ruin the country. Also, they have to do something great for Australia, not destroy it. Therefore, the code of conduct of migration lawyers in Australia is, in a way, a filter. 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

The Organization’s Values & Mission: Registered migration agents like us have to provide a better service for all the clients. Here, visa applicants are our clients. Therefore, those clients need something precious from us. First of all, they expect reliable legal advice from us. 

Does the service we provide come at a certain price? No, we offer free advice, too. For example, we spend quite a lot of time to pro bono free advice to all visa applicants in this way. In other words, all these blog posts become useful resources for you when you have to extend your visa. 

Helping clients with their Australian visas requirements and other immigration matters are the top roles of us. The code of conduct related to this means we do it genuinely. In other words, we don’t only focus on making money. Offering a precious service like migration advice is not a business. We make money through it, but clients’ success comes first. 

  1. Recommending the highly recommended visa for clients is a prime part of it. The immigration lawyer in Melbourne doesn’t suggest the wrong visa extension. No matter how complex is the clients’ visa requirements, employer-sponsored visas or skilled migration, we have to the best from our side. 
  2. Work visas or 457 visas need to fulfil many requirements. Therefore, when a client hires us for such robust processes, we have to stick to our code of conduct at the same time. Anyway, this so-called visa process is not a piece of cake. And, which is why the immigration lawyer Melbourne service is a high-grade one. 

The Code Of Conduct And Our Success: What is all migration lawyers in Australia implement bogus strategies for their clients? As a result, even the criminals get access to the country. With time, our country becomes a corrupted place. These are the long-term visions of the Australian government on immigration. 

Therefore, all lawyers or law firms have to be a part of this country-protecting process. The code of conduct or our values/vision directly determines our success. If the lawyer does all unacceptable means to his/her clients, without focusing on the safety of the country, then the government will take severe actions. In other words, the lawyer will get prosecuted. 

  • What would be the service offered by an immigration lawyer Melbourne depends on his/her long-term mission and vision. Also, their inner values play a top role in it.
  • For example, in any sector or service, a few are there to earn as much as money. Unfortunately, quality or customers’ success is not a part of their company vision. 
  • Registered migration agents in Melbourne are genuine ones, but a few services may exist that don’t follow any better code of conduct. 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

One factor favours all visa applicants here. The lawyer is a registered member of the country’s law system means a guarantee is already there on the service’s authenticity. However, all visa applicants should focus on this factor when looking for any immigration lawyer Melbourne service. 

Some Final Words: Demel is a migration law firm in Melbourne that goes the extra mile for even non-clients. As a registered and reputable law service operating in Melbourne, we believe that our code of conduct makes us perfect in all areas. For example, we want to offer the broadest assistance, and we have included may law services to achieve it. 

In the meantime, our success rate is pretty high. No matter what your visa requirements and how complex it is, we have a plan for it. And, the plan we implement is 100% genuine and adheres to the country’s immigration law. Call us today! 

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