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Once upon a time, families could consider Australia as a holiday destination. As it is a wonderful place to visit, many people were drawn to settle there. Those who come here are unable to enter with their family or the children because the Family Visa Waiver program is introduced as a condition of the highly desirable high skilled and graduate skilled immigration programmes.

However, various measures have been introduced to minimise the number of people able to enter. The main ones are the block entry program and temporary protection visas.

In the absence of the block entry program, immigration laws require only the formalities of employment, fee and legal documents to be submitted to the Australian Employment Health and Safety Authority (AESHA). There is no employer sponsored visa, nor is there a need to consider the high skilled and graduate skilled immigrant or the family visa waiver.

For those who are not able to understand the requirements of the visa, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has detailed guidelines that one must follow to get an appointment. Other visa requirements are only the provision of an AFP crime report (DNR) if he or she already has a residence visa.

It is highly improbable that a visitor would become a permanent resident, even with a valid visa. They will remain in the country until they do become a permanent resident or another scheme of the Federal government, such as the permanent residency visa.

It is highly likely that there will be no employment while you are here and unemployment will have to be set in by a Migration and Border Protection Agency (MBA) or an Australian Jobs Registration Authority (AJRA) immigration lawyer Melbourne. You will not be allowed to work because of the employers sponsored visa and the requirement to look for work.

However, an Australian licensed migration lawyer can apply for an indefinite visa, which could allow you to work legally. This temporary visa will have a set period of validity and will be revoked in the case of non-compliance.

This is a good source of relief since it gives you the assurance that you will be able to apply for another visa after your first one expires. You will have to provide certain documentary evidence for your intention to settle in Australia.

The most serious thing that happens to families in the event of an Australian Visa being blocked is that they will be put in the country for a month or more to reach a point where they will be able to apply for permanent residency. To this end, the family lawyer could advise you to submit an application for a migration lawyer Melbourne and a visa application before the valid period expires.

All laws and policies regarding the family visa should be understood by the family, as well as the future of their children. At the same time, a family can attend the Australian Citizenship ceremony.

Of course, an immigration lawyer Melbourne can help you navigate this highly complex and exotic world. Your families’ rights and welfare are worth preserving.

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