7 Seater Car Hire For Melbourne Tours At Best Rates

Rental cars have become a top choice today. The fact that you are stress-free of vehicle maintenance and other taxes are the top advantages of this option. It is safe to say that the majority of Australian citizens own vehicles. However, the country’s public transport system is a highly-developed sector.

Therefore, for day-to-day travel needs, anybody can make use of public transport means. Melbourne tours or planned trips in the Melbourne region — you can use those vehicle hire services for family times. When summer arrives, it is the perfect time for outdoor activities. 

Why Should You Visit Melbourne?: Melbourne is a city that holds many world-famous travel attractions. Therefore, it has become a top travel destination for local and foreign travellers. No matter in which state of Australia that you live in, you can visit Melbourne through public transport means or by air. 

Once you reach Melbourne, you can hire a car in Melbourne for your ultimate driving experience and tour planning. Even foreign travels prefer this option today. Once they land in Melbourne, they pick a reliable car and a driver service for reaching their preferred travel attractions.

7 Seater Car Hire

Seater Car Rental Option: Taxis and chauffeur services also car and driver service. Thus, you get the driver and car on the “hiring” basis. Depending on your requirements, you can consider a 7 Seater Car Hire accordingly. 

We can class this option into a few sub-categories:

  1. General car hire.
  2. Luxury car hire. 
  3. Or, even a passenger van.

A general 7-seater is an affordable choice. However, all reputable car renters in Australia now adhere to affordable rates. Hence, even a luxurious 7-seater may come at affordable rates now. There is a price difference between those two car choices, though! 

Why should you hire a 7-seater for Melbourne tours? This is a car that is spacious and comfortable. Thus, we can call it a real family car. Road trips or tours are family travel needs. If more than four family members are there to travel, then a 7-seater is the best option. 

Anyway, many customers consider 7 seater car hire today, even if only 4-5 members are there to travel. Why is that? 

  • When you visit Melbourne, a spacious car can keep you comfortable and safe. A typical Melbourne tour can take hours or days to complete. Therefore, a 4-seater car will, in a way, restrict you. 
  • Also, you should be able to stretch yourself and spend hours in the car comfortably. When three passengers sit on the back of the car, the individual who is in the middle can’t see outside scenery. 
  • A road tour such as the great ocean road trip is all about enjoying the scenery. Hence, a spacious and comfortable vehicle such as a 7-seater car is the recommendation of travel experts now. 

With Or Without The Driver?: A commonly-asked question. Here, we have to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both options. When planning a Melbourne tour, what would be your requirements? Most of our clients look for peace of mind. In other words, they want the tour to be perfect family time.

Therefore, the fact that a stranger is a part of the journey is an issue for such clients. The stranger here is the driver. Anyway, those employed drivers are professional, helpful, and friendly individuals. Moreover, they have a sound knowledge of Melbourne. Within a Melbourne tour, you will cover miles of roads and hours of time. Driving a car is not a piece of cake, but a few really enjoy it. 

What are your requirements and preferences to determine the right choice? A 7 seater car hire with a driver is a complete package. 

  • You don’t need to worry about driving on busy roads. It is a known fact that Melbourne gets really busy over the peak season. 
  • Which road to take is a question that will arise when planning your Melbourne tour. However, a driver and a car is a full package that comes with an experienced car operator. Such qualified drivers know Melbourne and its travel attractions from A to Z. 
  • Foreign travellers undoubtedly benefit more by choosing this full package. 

In the meantime, you could be someone who enjoys driving. Or, you don’t want any other individuals to be on the vehicle other than your family members. The car hire service in Melbourne should address such demands, too. Therefore, you can hire cars and vans without a driver today. 

Car or van only services are vehicle renting services. In this case, you can get the car for rent and drive it yourself. However, a few extra factors are there to consider.

  1. Do you know Melbourne in detail? Wasting time searching for the right roads is a nightmare. On the other hand, driving on busy roads will make you tired. The vehicle operator doesn’t get the chance to enjoy the scenery. 
  2. Driving the car yourself means you become the responsible individual. Parking the car on busy roads is a nightmare. 
  3. On busy roads, you need to be extra cautious. In other words, you should be an expert car operator. 

7 Seater Car Hire

You may already own a car. Most of Australian homeowners maintain economical cars now. Therefore, driving a bigger car could be a challenging task for you. On the other hand, you may like it. Thus, those are the factors that you should consider when making the choice between “with the driver or car only?” 

7 Seater Car Hire Procedure: Once you know all your travel needs, now the time has come to choose a reliable car renter. The car renting facility is a service offered by a limited number of renters in the Melbourne region. Thus, you should discover the right car service for it. 

Lion Car Hire is here for such unique travel aspects. We rent cars, vans, and trucks on a per-day and per-week basis. 

You can book a car online today. However, when it comes to vehicle renting services, they will ask for validation to secure their vehicles. Therefore, you will have to meet them in person and get the car from them at the office. If you require a car and a driver as a full package, then online booking is the most convenient option. 

Closing Thoughts: Lion Car Hire is a full-service vehicle renter that maintains a vehicle fleet that comprises cars, vans, and trucks. Out of all, high demand is there for our 7 seater car hire package. Call us today for more information! 

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