Job Vacancy Tips For First-Time Seekers In Sri Lanka

Finding a job and making money through it for living a life is a big choice. One day, you will come to a point where you should plan it and become independent in terms of surviving. No matter the country that you live in, you need money for your survival. Therefore, it applies to all Sri Lankans, too. is an online job recruiting platform created with a robust mission. As our previous articles have explained, we develop this to fill a gap. In other words, we wanted to develop the most convenient way of searching for the right candidate and job. 

Searching For a Job Vacancy: You don’t need to search anywhere else. is the right resource for it. Anyway, a few facts come into play here. What is your qualification? Have you worked somewhere else before? Will that experience help you get a new job? 

Prepare a CV that shows off who you are and your special talents. Don’t include any qualifications that you haven’t achieved. The CV is vital for online job applying. 

  • Understand that many sectors and industries exist in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, you have to search for the vacancy in the right, guaranteed sector/industry. 
  • Your qualifications and work experience will help you get a new job easily. However, always search for a job upgrade. For example, you have worked previously for a company, but you are not happy about it. If this is your case, then wait for the right time; search for a better job and before giving resignation. 
  • If this is your first job, then you have a few challenges to overcome:
  1. The fact that you don’t have any previous work experience, in a way, makes you less eligible. However, you can make use of your special talents to overcome it. Meet the interview like a pro to show that you are ready to take the new challenge. 
  2. Remember, the job interview and how you face and win it gives the first impression. No matter how qualified you are in terms of educational achievements, but if you struggle at the interview, then the impression created is a negative one. 
  3. Be prepared for the upcoming interview; you can do shadow practising. 
  4. Be professional. The first impression won’t be positive if you dress casually. No flip flops, shorts, or Ts. 

Job Vacancy

Never be rude to the interviewers. Those interviewers may sound rude, but they are not. Through all such gestures, they evaluate your personal attributes. Moreover, don’t sound fake or robotic; be as natural as you can. Inner calm lets you face the interview better. 

Can you negotiate on the salary?: The job vacancy you are considering may come with a fixed salary. For example, the employer says this, “50,000 rupees per month.” In this case, it is a fixed salary, and you shouldn’t demand increments. 

You must have come across this as well, “salary: negotiable!” You can convince the employer to pay you better relative to your qualifications and previous work experience. Nevertheless, you should make them understand that you would play your role to bring a positive effect on their business or company. 

After Getting The Job: A few first-time job seekers don’t know how to balance their work and personal lives. We call it work-life balance. How well you balance these two aspects either makes you a winner or loser. 

You should change all your habits to perform better in the company. The time that you wake up needs to change accordingly to make sure that you don’t get late for work. Punctuality is one crucial factor that makes you a reliable employee. 

  • “Sorry, sir! I got late because of road traffic!” Is this an excuse? In Sri Lanka, all the roads are busy during school and office times. Therefore, you should do a trial before the first day of work and plan those crucial times accordingly. 
  • Try your best to work consistently. Requesting many day-offs would give the impression that you are less reliable. 
  • Never combine your personal life and work life. The most challenging part is managing stress. Meeting deadlines may be your enemy. Also, you may be stressed over a personal issue. However, employers don’t excuse for those personal matters. If something serious happens in your personal life; maybe a funeral; then inform the cause with proofs. 

Work-related-stress is common for all. However, you should manage it, and you will with time through experience. Understand that playing your part rightly within the company or organization is the only key to get noticed. Getting noticed to the higher authority in a positive manner becomes your advantage for promotions. 

Should you work for extended hours? When you become an employee, you have many responsibilities to fulfil. Therefore, working for extended hours is not something that you should consider a negative feature of the job. However, There’s a limit to it. The employer can’t demand employees to work for 3-4 extra hours a day without pay.

A quick tip: Depending on the terms and conditions of the job role, you will complete daily tasks. If you fail to complete those within deadlines, then the terms and conditions come into effect, making you work for extended hours to complete those tasks. 

Job Motivation: One of the most crucial aspects when you search for a job today. Motivation or your enthusiasm highly depends on your interests. For example, you prefer working in an IT firm. Unfortunately, life made you work as a taxi driver. Your mindset on this particular job always demotivates you. 

Job Vacancy

Job motivation should come from your heart and mind. However, many other factors do affect it. The previously reviewed fact, which is personal and work-life balance is also a factor to consider here. A personal matter may get you out of your regular working mindset. You only concentrate on the issue. Or, you may get fed up with a job due to the following reasons, too:

  1. You get bored due to the similar pattern. 
  2. The employer doesn’t pay or increase your salary according to industry pay rates. 

Some employers in Sri Lanka don’t pay within the standard salary rates, but force employees to swim oceans.

  1. The distance that you have to travel to the workplace makes you tired. The return journey to your home takes hours. 
  2. Issues between co-workers. 
  3. You realize that you can apply for a better job than the current one. 

Employers have to play a role in terms of employee performance, and employees also do the same in return. 

Apply For A Second Job Vacancy: In Sri Lanka, a considerable percentage of the youth work as freelancers now. Most of those freelance jobs are part-time positions. In this case, what is your preference? A full-time job or a part-time position? If you work as a full-time employee, then applying for a second job and investing time in it is less practical. 

If you can manage time, then you may work for two or more companies as a part-time employee. What is the choice that gives you more money? Also, you should focus on your future, too. As a full-time employee, you can develop yourself within the organization and search for promotions. Part-time workers are less eligible for promotions as full-timers get the top priority. 

How To Perform Well?: As an employee, you shouldn’t think it a competition. However, there’s nothing wrong with proving your capabilities. You don’t need to compete with co-workers, though. Meeting deadlines is one way to get noticed. How well you perform within the organization determines your future.

Things could get complicated, though. For example, you really want to perform well and contribute to the workplace. Unfortunately, the employer doesn’t give a value for it. No pay increments, but too many expectations. If this is your first job, then we advise you to tolerate those all difficulties. The experience that you gain through those hard days is your saviour when applying for future jobs. Just hold on so!

Apply for a job vacancy in Sri Lanka made easy through the Internet. Therefore, make sure you make use of it when searching for your right job that suits your qualifications the most. You don’t need to search further for it. is the top resource that you can use for it. 

Should you only search for local jobs? Currently, a considerable percentage of educated individuals prefer foreign vacancies. The fact that they can earn more money through those foreign jobs is the reason behind this trend. If your qualifications are sufficient for a foreign job, then go for it. You can use for it. Our international job page is full of such vacancies. 

Anyway, as a nation, we should be sad about this trend. If our country’s job vacancies are up to the international level, then would anybody search for foreign jobs. Past governments couldn’t change this norm. What would happen in the future? 

What Should Be Your Target?: This is one important fact to review in detail here. Most of the time, people tend to get used to a rhythm. Or, they don’t search for other opportunities. The amount of money that you earn may be sufficient for an “OK” living. Nevertheless, is it the endpoint? Don’t you need promotions?

Even though you earn money through a job, it also modifies you. Therefore, there’s no limit that says, “this money is sufficient for me.” If the current company that you work in isn’t the place for progress, then don’t waste your time in it. In Sri Lanka, thousands of vacancies are available, but you should hunt those before others. 

The first job gives you long-lasting lessons. If it is the right position, then you can work through the same job for your success. It is a matter of how your current workplace assists you with it. 

Careers For Women: In the past, there were norms related to this aspect. “This job is only for men!” You must have come across this statement. The gender of a job seeker doesn’t necessarily be a restriction. Preferences are there, though. For example, you must have come across this, “only for women under 30.” The opposite can happen, too.

Still, this norm is in effect during some stages of job opportunities. This is a topic that is in discussion in developed countries as well. Equal opportunities for all is what we believe the best. Qualifications should come first, not the gender of the candidate. Nevertheless, some positions are more suitable for men, but others for women. In this case, it doesn’t refer to gender issues. It is only due to job or vacancy type. 

If you are a female candidate, don’t even think that you can’t apply for high-grade jobs in Sri Lanka. Be qualified first! 

Government & Private Job Vacancy: Which sector is the best? We should analyze the current trends in the country. Some job applicants do believe that the government sector of the country is too traditional. On the other hand, political influences have ruined this sector. The efficiency of government offices — the reputation related to this aspect is poor. Getting something done in a government office is a nightmare; this is what many people say about it. 

The private sector, on the other hand, is 100% focused on skills, qualifications, and language abilities. When the gap between both these sectors narrows, then the availability of vacancies would dramatically increase. For that, the government has to play a top role. The election is just far from a few hours. Thus, the people of the country should analyze all such crucial factors and vote for the right change. 

Which Is The Best Sector?: Most people get this wrong. When going through the history of the country’s job issues, we can understand that the mindset of people plays a negative role in it. No jobs for university graduates — this is an issue that we often hear over the past few years. Is it true? Partly, it is true. However, we should review both sides. For example, a considerable percentage of university graduates are qualified in art subjects. 

The majority of them demand teaching or other traditional vacancies. The right job vacancy depends on your qualifications, but your qualifications determine your future success. While we don’t downgrade traditional or art subjects, but we have to say that the inclination towards other modern or technical subjects is not at a satisfactory level. 

  • The IT sector still holds thousands of job vacancies in Sri Lanka. 
  • Engineering fields still lack the right number of workers. 
  • International schools require teachers who can teach in the English language. 
  • Also, freelance or online job vacancies are available in large numbers now. 

Job Vacancy

What Is The Best Age To Start Your Job?: Did you know that our country’s youth is pretty much behind the trend? In developed countries, even students who sit for A-levels do part-time jobs. The governments of those countries have set minimum pay rates for those students. 

What is the current trend in Sri Lanka? Unfortunately, we can’t be happy about it. It is safe to say that a considerable percentage of teenagers under 18 years waste so much time on Social Media. Another group of youths has wasted their lives due to drug or alcohol addiction. These are the failures that we should prevent the development of the country. 

The right age for a job can be any number. However, you should give priority to your studies until A-levels. After A-levels, you should start searching for at least part-time jobs to make money. According to many financial experts, one should open a bank account at the age of 18. Don’t wait until your parents deposit money in it. You earn money and fill the bank account with your money. At the same time, you should invest time in further studies. 

The earlier you start your career life, the more you can achieve in terms of promotions and higher salaries. 

Closing Thoughts: Is this your first time applying for a job vacancy in Sri Lanka? Tips and points we have given in this article will help you make the right choices. Skills and qualifications are your strengths. Previous work experience always considered a plus point. Therefore, don’t hesitate to start at the lowest point. Nobody can find a high-grade job like magic. Years of work gets you there gradually. 

Even at this moment, you can find many job vacancies in Sri Lanka, but those are available in the right sectors. Thus, understand that you should learn something that would be a solid foundation for your future career. 

We invite you to visit our online recruiting platform, which is a highly advanced creation that gets you to the country’s best employers. 

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