Glass Shower Screens Melbourne vs. Shower Curtains

Shower screens Melbourne are becoming more popular among homeowners. Why are they becoming more popular? Shower screens are more costly than even the most expensive shower curtains you’ll find at the shop, but the allure of glass is enough to propel them to the top of the design world today.

So, let’s have a look at the differences between shower screens and shower curtains and determine which is ideal for your bathroom.

Shower Screens Melbourne vs. Curtains: Aesthetic Appeal

Frameless shower screens Melbourne are popular among bathroom designers and home decorators because of their visual appeal. Because these showers are constructed of transparent glass, they do not obscure or distort the shower tile in the same way that curtains do. Aside from that, by removing the start and stop of a curtain, small bathrooms may seem more spacious, and big bathrooms can appear even more expansive.

Changing shower curtains is a simple process when you want to update the look of your bathroom. One advantage of shower curtains is that they are reasonably inexpensive. Clear glass, on the other hand, is suitable for almost any interior design scheme. It can go with any style of bathroom, whether it’s contemporary, transitional, or classic.

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Shower screens vs. curtains: which is better for hygiene and cleaning?

Anything utilized to hold water in a shower will be susceptible to the growth of mold, mildew, and hard water spots. Shower curtains and glass shower screens Melbourne are both delicate items that demand special attention. Despite this, the impervious surface of glass makes it simpler to sanitize than other materials.

Shower glass cleaning consists of three steps: safeguarding the glass by sealing its surface, drying it after use, and washing it regularly using a non-abrasive sponge and a bathroom glass cleaner designed for shower glass. In contrast to traditional framed enclosures, frameless shower screens do not have nooks and crannies where water may accumulate and mold can grow. Because of their simplicity and smooth surfaces, they are less difficult to clean than the shower doors of the past.

Vinyl shower curtains can be cleaned by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Most fabric shower curtains may be cleaned in the washing machine. However, depending on how severe the mold, mildew, or water spots get, stains may be left on the floor. The clammy sensation of a wet, filthy liner brushing against your skin is also quite terrifying.

Shower Screens Melbourne vs. Curtains in terms of functionality

Keeping water within the shower stall is possible if you remember to shut the shower curtain and place the liner correctly. Shower screens Melbourne that have been properly fitted provide a sturdy barrier against stray water droplets. The functionality of certain glass showers may be affected by other factors, such as the floor’s slope and the showerhead’s placement. Therefore, it’s crucial to have open lines of communication with the shower door supplier and the other tradesmen involved in the construction of your bathroom.

Frameless glass shower screens Melbourne provide the following benefits in addition to dependable water containment:

Professionally fitted frameless shower glass will fit your shower space perfectly. The glass may be trimmed to fit the space to address structural irregularities, and pieces of fixed glass can be added to block off the stall entirely.

The ease of use: both sliding and swinging shower doors are user-friendly. Simply close the door panel by pulling or sliding it shut, and you’re ready to shower.


Shower Screens Melbourne

Shower Doors vs. Curtains: How They Affect the Value of Your Home

Prospective buyers will be more interested in your bathroom if it has a more aesthetically attractive shower curtain or other decorations installed. Because most individuals take their shower curtains with them when they move as it’s easy to pack in a box. On the other hand, who would want someone else’s shower curtain anyway? So, they do not add monetary value to the property.

Increasing the value and desirability of property by remodeling the bathroom is often advocated by real estate agents. A modest bathroom repair or a complete bathroom may include the installation of frameless shower screens Melbourne. When you sell your house, these improvements often provide a high return on your investment (ROI). So, have a word with your real estate agent about which exact shower upgrades would add the greatest value in your area.

A frameless glass shower in the master bathroom, like new accessories, makes your living space more comfortable and inviting to potential home buyers as they come through the door. As a result, your home is brought up to date with current home styles, and the room seems more contemporary, both of which may offer your property an edge over other houses in the same price range.

Shower Screens Melbourne

Options: Shower Doors vs. Curtains 

Shower curtains are available in various styles and prices, ranging from cheap store deals to designer masterpieces. You can find a shower curtain to suit your style and decor preferences, whether it’s a picture of a tropical fish, solid colors, geometric patterns, or something more natural. The sheerness and opaqueness of the fabric and vinyl used to make shower curtains may also be varied.

Shower screens Melbourne alternatives are less vibrant in color, but they are still diverse enough to fulfill the demands of the majority of interior designers. The following are often customisable features:

  • Types of glass include clear, acid-etched, coloured, cast, low-iron (ultra-clear), and patterned glass.
  • A glass protectant is a permanent or long-lasting glass protection that helps to keep the glass clean for a longer period and makes cleaning simpler.
  • Door movement is classified as either swinging or sliding (bypass and rolling).
  • There are three different types of framing: frameless, semi-frameless, and framed.
  • Handles, hinges, and frames are available in various designs and colors (if applicable).
  • Finishes for hardware include a variety of metallic and paint options.

The fact is that shower screens Melbourne outperform curtains in several important ways. Please get in touch with us if you are shopping for shower screens.

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