What to Consider When Shopping For Coloured Glass Splashback

Attention: Coloured Glass Splashback. Kitchen splashbacks have undergone a sea change in recent years, driven by a renewed interest in stylish, streamlined kitchens that are as accessible to all as possible. However, the glass used for splashbacks in kitchens is no longer restricted to clear versions, and it’s often the colour that gives a room its edge. 

A Coloured Glass Splashback is the perfect way to take advantage of the wide range of coloured glass available, whilst still retaining the durability and versatility that have made glass such a popular choice for kitchen worktops and splashbacks in the first place. Here, we’ll look at some of the most popular options available to those seeking an eye-catching splashback for their kitchen.

Colours: As already stated, the current trend for splashbacks in kitchens is to use colour. From metallic finishes to hot pink, there is something for everyone – whether you’re looking for something a little more traditional or something more contemporary. The great thing about choosing a Coloured Glass Splashback is that it can complement almost any colour scheme and even work well with very dark kitchens (since light colours tend to show up darker). 


Coloured Glass Splashback

But perhaps the best thing about Coloured Glass Splashbacks is that they can also be formed into stunning patterns, allowing you to create a truly unique focal point for any splashback area. The real drawback, however, is that most Coloured Glass Splashbacks can only be ordered from the glass companies that produce them, which limits their availability.

These days, glass is not just made to be beautiful; it’s also made to be strong, flexible, and extremely durable. Solid glass splashbacks are typically constructed from three different types of glass – annealed and toughened glass, and laminated glass. Although these aren’t always the prettiest of features, glass splashbacks made from these three different types of glass are still incredibly popular due to their strength, flexibility, and durability.


Coloured glass splashback

Colour Palette: Although it may seem a little ‘jejune’ to have mentioned, it’s worth thinking about the colour palette that you would like your splashbacks to be made in. If you want something that is purely a wash of colour, then you’ll need to choose a monochromatic colour If you want something a little more unusual, however, you can find glass splashbacks that feature multiple colours on the same panels. 

These are more unusual than the single colour option, but it can be a beautiful addition to a kitchen, especially if it adds an interesting pop of colour to the room.

Material: A popular choice for Coloured Glass Splashback these days is copper. This sleek and modern metal is available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste perfectly. Copper is a great material for a splashback due to its extreme strength and is also incredibly easy to maintain. If you do have an issue with your copper splashback developing rust, all you need to do is wash it with mild soap and water and leave it to dry. 

Coloured Glass Splashback

However, if you’re more interested in providing a certain kind of aesthetic interest, consider carefully which type of coloured glass you’d like to have incorporated into your kitchen. The good news is that it doesn’t have to break the bank to find the perfect piece of glass for your Coloured Glass Splashback. Colours such as red, blue and yellow are often associated with luxury kitchens, but you can have splashbacks made in almost any colour you prefer – although colours such as purple are rarely seen in kitchens. 

Remember that flashbacks aren’t solely a means of decorating; they can also be very functional, allowing for more efficient use of space and providing a stylish finish to any kitchen. With that in mind, think about what you might want from your splashback and then search around to find a style and design that suit you. Whether you’re after an eye-catching copper finish or a classy glass embellishment, you’ll find lots of options if you know where to look.

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